Earthquake Video Map

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.32.32 PM

Here’s a Google Earth view of the churches directly affected by the earthquake.
In case you can’t see the names on your screen, the tour is:

  1. Dakhbari Sangati (Kathmandu Vineyard)
  2. Chhampi Vineyard
  3. Kothgoan Vineyard
  4. Dakhbari Sangati (Kathmandu Vineyard)
  5. Gorkha Vineyard (near the epicentre)
  6. Dakhbari Sangati (Kathmandu Vineyard)
  7. Gadlang Vineyard
  8. Nessing Vineyard
  9. Dakhbari Sangati (Kathmandu Vineyard)

Click here to donate to the Nepal Disaster Fund.


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