Gatlang Vineyard Conference


A little while ago, the leadership team from Gatlang Vineyard (the poorest and most remote Vineyard church in the world – situated at an altitude of 11,000 feet in northern Nepal!) decided they wanted to host a conference for the purpose of inviting people from the Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches to seek God and encounter the Holy Spirit together.


So, from October 22 to the evening of October 25th, 100 people from different Vineyards in the region gathered together with 200 local believers from Gatlang. Pastor Silas Rai from Namchi Vineyard, Sikkim was the main speaker and Alfred Bhutia from Pedong Vineyard was the speaker for the youth. Pastor Raju and Pastor Ben Bhutia from the Kathmandu and Siliguri Vineyards, respectively, were the cooks for the whole time. And Pastor Uddav and Noel Isaacs filled in the gaps and led and managed people when they got knocked to the floor by the Holy Spirit!

IMG_0577 IMG_0481

There were many special moments in the conference, but a definite highlight was that almost everyone who was sick got healed. Everyone got touched and filled by the Holy Spirit – it was the sort of environment which was reminiscent of the Toronto Blessing. The waves of the Spirit moved from one wall of our meeting place to another in a literally audible way. It was something that we haven’t experienced in many years, and we are so grateful for the ways people experienced Jesus and encountered him!

 IMG_0545 IMG_0597

2 thoughts on “Gatlang Vineyard Conference

  1. My wife, two daughters and myself were in Nepal at the time of the Gatlang Vineyard conference and were able to attend the whole conference up in Gatlang. As westerners, we were again humbled by the beautiful simplicity of our Nepali brothers’ and sisters’ faith in God. During the conference, they called out to the Lord, expecting Him to answer. And He did. The Holy Spirit’s presence was tangible. In one of the sessions He was very evident. One woman who suffered for years from back pain was sovereignly healed. Another was delivered from a demonic affliction. Throughout the room people wept with joy as the Holy Spirit touched their hearts with His sweet presence. It was a rare moment when the veil between eternity and earth seemed so thin.
    On returning to North America, I have a renewed sense of expectation that God will be who He says He is and do what He soverignly wants. Thank you Pastors Raju and Noel for the encouraging shove out the door to the Gatlang conference. You both are a blessing to the Himalayan Vineyards, and to us.
    Ken Lewis,
    Winnipeg Centre Vineyard.

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