Introducing our two new Pastors and few more Elders ( Ordination Service )



One thought on “Introducing our two new Pastors and few more Elders ( Ordination Service )

  1. My two oldest daughters, my wife and myself were visiting the Kathmandu Vineyard during the time of their Himalayan regional conference in the mountain village of Gatlang. We were able to attend this conference representing the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard. With the language barrier and limited understanding of the Nepali language, we found ourselves praying and interceding. I wondered what more I could do to be a part of the gatherings. On the second afternoon during the worship, I suddenly felt the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit flood the room starting from the front and moving to and fro throughout the room. I began to weep as I saw my Himalayan brothers and sisters falling under the weight of His presence among us. Many were shouting praises to His name and others were also weeping. It seemed the Lord didn’t need me to add any more to the worship but instead moved in a way that was beyond my expectation. He came powerfully and filled the room. Even though the Gatlang church had so little and we as westerners feel we have so much, the Holy Spirit made me feel one with all my Himalayan brothers and sisters. In returning now to Canada, I feel I’m carrying a renewed vision of the larger body of Christ. The Holy Spirit really does make us one. Thank you Jesus, Noel, Raju, and all the Himalayan pastors and believers for the blessing that I carry back to Canada. Jaimashi.
    Ken and Bonnie Lewis.

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