Mobile Bible School: Kathmandu

It was with much gratitude that we welcomed Pastor Danny Mullins (pictured, right) and Pastor Andy Wood (pictured, left) from Vineyard Community Church and Winnipeg Centre Vineyard, respectively, to teach at our three-day Mobile Bible School in Kathmandu. Pastors and leaders from all over the Himalayan Region of Nepal came together for this time of learning, and what a blessing our time together was.


As we looked at the book of Genesis, Pastor Andy taught us how to interpret the Bible more accurately based on the culture and context of when it was written. We learned that even more important than the what of the creation account is the why, as it tells a particular story about the nature of God and was intended to give the people of Israel a sense of identity. We also studied how meaningful a revelation it is that God not only created us in His image, but actually formed and breathed life into each one of us Himself!


Pastor Danny introduced us to Immanuel prayer, which is a form of prayer based on the truth that Jesus was and is with us every moment of our lives. Immanuel prayer helps us encounter Jesus’ presence and voice in our past and present; in both joyful experiences and even in the most painful ones we’ve had. This encounter with Him makes us whole again. Several of our people received prayer and it was a special time of strength, encouragement, and healing as we experienced Jesus so intimately present in our lives.


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