Gorkha Church Building Opening


What a privilege it was to be at the opening of the Gorka Vineyard church building. Believers have been gathering for some years, and now, thanks to the prayers and contributions of many, they have a designated place to worship Jesus and host all of their community events.

And what a party it was! We gathered around 10am and amidst dancing and balloons, joyfully worshiped and thanked God together for all that He has done to make this historic moment possible. Several of the village elders were invited and it was wonderful to see that this event was something that the entire community was celebrating.


The official church plaque was unveiled; Noel declared the building open and prayed a dedication blessing. Afterwards, we had a feast of chicken, rice, and dahl. That evening, with no electricity in the village, we gathered in the building to worship and hear a message. And as if the day’s festivities weren’t enough, six people gave their lives to Christ, one of whom had provided the land for the building! Blessings and prayers on Pastor Paul as he leads this precious Vineyard community into the next phase of its life and ministry.



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